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Vue.js Development


Choosing a tech stack for their products, companies look for solutions that enable easier and faster development. As this approach allows them to significantly reduce the cost of web or mobile app development, they don’t want to compromise on quality either.

JavaScript frameworks like Vue.js are the answer to this need, as they allow building user interfaces faster while maintaining the needed performance. Vue.js development services have been growing exponentially since the invention of the framework in 2015. Today, it is one of the most popular frameworks, employed by top companies worldwide.

Vue.js Development Benefits

Vue.js is being favored for its versatility and high performance.

fast development
Fast development
Easy integrations
vue gitstar ranking
*Gitstar Ranking

In 2020, Vue.js ranked 3rd among the JavaScript repositories on GitHub.

Why choose Vue.js?

Although Vue.js has started as a web framework, it is continuously gaining more support from the mobile community as well.

web apps

Web apps

Create a fast and scalable single-page application
mobile apps

Mobile apps

Adapt your solution to mobile devices for broader reach
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The framework also offers numerous easy integrations

What is Vue.js?

Vue.js is an open-source, progressive JavaScript framework first developed in 2015. Now it is one of the most popular JS frameworks, often being considered alongside Angular or React.

The word progressive refers to its MVVM architecture (model-view-view model). Unlike the monolithic architectures, Vue-based applications can be easily adapted to your needs. You can scale it up or down, add new features and integrations with third party services.

In software development, time is money. Vue.js allows for a faster development, offering you high-performing, scalable solutions for less. The scalability also means that you can start small and build up whenever you want to do.

What is Vue.js used for?

what is vue used for

At first, Vue.js was developed for building single-page applications. Companies that seek a faster way to create lightweight and flexible web applications choose this JS framework more often for their projects.

Today, the framework can be successfully adopted not only for projects simple web applications, but also more complex websites and CRMs. Vue’s main advantage is its progressivenessthat allows adding more features as the project grows.

Among the companies that already entrusted their projects to Vue development are Alibaba, WizzAir, Behance, and Grammarly.

what is vue used for

The simplicity and transparency

The simplicity and transparency of React combined with the reliability and scalability of Angular – a mix of their best features. That’s how I feel about creating an application in one of the faster-growing frameworks – Vue.

Jakub Barzdo
Front-End Developer

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Choose a team that fits your project

Choosing Vue.js development services for your next project, you need a team of Vue developers ready to take your app to the next level.

Depending on your project size and your own in-house capabilities, you can decide to fully outsource your project to a software house or choose an extended team model. The latter is an alternative to outsourcing, based on hiring only the specialists you lack to join your own team.

Regardless of the model of cooperation you choose, we will keep you in a loop, ensuring ongoing communication and progress reports, allowing you to remain in full control of your app’s development.

Vue.js development process

We follow a proven process to deliver your project.


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Vue.js development.