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Why SoftwareHut?

We are at the heart of Europe – Poland. That means that we share European Clients' values and culture. Poland is also widely known for its world-class developers. Polish programmers rank 3rd in the world, according to HackerRank, and a KPMG Outsourcing Study named our country the most attractive location in which to do business. Lastly, our business hours overlap with yours thanks to a shared time-zone.


Minimum Viable Product

If you want to test your idea with beta users, or need a proof of concept for your investors, it’s best to start with an MVP. Our experienced team has delivered projects that went on to feature on techcrunch.com, bloomberg.com, mashable.com and 500.co!


Remote teams

Bad feelings about working with a remote team? Don’t know how to start? Let’s talk and see what we can do for you! We have experience working remotely with a unique approach and tools to make sure you are happy with what, and how we deliver. We can also send our dev team to work from your location for a smooth take off.


Proof of Concept

Need to prove that your idea is great? Need to shock prospective investors? Let’s jump on a call and see how we can help you. Years of experience give us a chance to provide amazing results in the tightest timescales.

Technical consulting

Need to bounce your ideas of like-minded experts? Working on a new killer feature? Trying to move a step further than the competition? Call us! We have the best people that are local community leaders, conference speakers and outstanding problem solvers to work for you.

End-to-end product development

Need end-to-end software development? Come and see how we work. You’re invited to our office to meet everybody in person. We can deliver a team of IT professionals to meet your goals. Let’s leave the competition behind!

How we work

We can bring your project to life – from idea to final product. No costly gaps, no misunderstandings along the way.

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