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Improve your entire supply chain management process

As supply chains grow ever more sophisticated, businesses need a solution for managing them. Meanwhile, manual tracking and management have become less efficient and prone to errors. 

To overcome these kinds of issues, companies invest in supply chain management (SCM) software. Automation and easier access to data significantly impact processes related to supply chains, improving customer retention and boosting profits. 

From warehouse and supply management to shipping, monitoring, and customer service, SCM software has become a must-have for modern businesses seeking an edge over their competitors. 

Benefits of SCM Software

Significantly improve the flow of finances, products, in addition to enhancing collaboration.

cost reduction
Cost reduction
data-driven decisions
Data-driven decision making
Security and trust
product quality

Improved product quality

dereased delays

Decreased delays

profit growth
Revenue growth

Comprehensive optimisation of supply chain processes

SCM implementation enables comprehensive optimisation of supply chain processes, regardless of the size of the enterprise or respective industry. That determines the scale of a company’s competitiveness. Complex implementation, however, requires a detailed analysis of needs and processes, stakeholder insights, prototyping, as well as continuous evaluations of hypotheses. Ultimately, development must be based on strong strategic foundations. 

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Over 70% of chief supply chain officers consider the supply chain as the most vital element for improving customer service in 2020*.

what is scm

What is a supply chain management software?

Supply chain management software (SCMS) is a tool for managing and executing supply chain transactions, from the manufacturer, through to the retailer, before finally reaching the customer. SCM software enables you to enhance business processes related to warehouse and inventory management, delivery and customer service. 

Modern SCM systems include SAP Hana and Oracle E-Business Suite, although cloud-based custom supply chain management solutions are becoming increasingly popular. If you want to implement a system that better fits your needs, you can choose between: 

  • Implementing an existing, out-of-the-box solution with integrations. 
  • Investing in custom SCM software, created specifically for your company. 

As both methods make for suitable business solutions, you should choose one based on your specific needs. The choice depends mostly on your business goals, company size, or the complexity of the supply chain in question. 

Why is SCM software important?

Supply chain management relies primarily on data gathered at different stages of the supply chain process. The way companies use these insights to make decisions to optimise demand, supplies, inventory, and deliveries can be instrumental to their success. 

That’s why SCM software is so essential, as it enables companies to make better use of that data. SCM software gives structure to the information already in your possession, making daily use more straightforward.

Through the use of an SCM solution, you can identify faults in your supply chain process, make improved inventory decisions, or directly inform customers of shipping status for their confirmed orders.

Therefore, SCM software improves your business operations and your relationships with suppliers and customers. 

Business areas covered by SCM software

scm software business areas

Supply chain management software supports every stage of the supply chain, including: 

  • Customer-requirement processing 
  • Purchase-order processing
  • Sales and distribution 
  • Inventory management 
  • Warehouse management 
  • Supplier management 

Depending on your specific business needs and processes, you can adjust a custom supply chain management solution to accommodate your requirements.

Make sure to include these in your software. 

scm software business areas

Process of implementing SCM software

We follow a proven process to deliver your project.


Analyse, understand, clarify.


Development or implementation of an SCM.


Constantly help and improve.

The cost of SCM development

cost of scm development
When deciding on SCM software development options, you need to compare different price points and the features that come with them.
Custom SCM development involves developing your solution from scratch by software developers. It gives you the broadest level of control over features to include in your solution, the technology it will employ, how you will integrate with third-party services, and more. This may entail a fixed rate or based on time & material, depending on the project complexity.