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React.js Development


Companies that want to create a web application expect stable, scalable solutions to ensure maintainability and high performance of their product. For this reason, both start-ups and multinational corporations turn to React.js, an open-source JavaScript library enabling them to build beautiful UIs.

React.js has also won the hearts of software developers, expanding its worldwide community. According to the recent Stack Overflow Developer Survey, it is now the second most loved web framework.

The pantheon of the world’s most recognized companies that entrusted React.js is also very impressive, just to name Facebook and Instagram, Pinterest, and Airbnb. Explore the benefits of React.js that made it such a desired web framework.

React.js Development Benefits

React.js is praised for its versatility and high performance.

fast development
Fast development
Worldwide community
react popularity
*Stack Overflow Developer Survey

React.js is one of the most loved web frameworks, being appreciated by 68.9% of the respondents.

Your customers will love solutions based on React.js

For a reason, React.js ranks 1st among the most “loved” front-end libraries. It is also over 10 times more popular than the new Angular. The process of creating interactive interfaces with React.js is seamless, effective, and fast, as well as predictable and easy to debug. Your customers will love solutions based on React.js – just as they love Facebook, which was created using this technology. What more could you want?

Hubert Zub
Front-End Tech Lead

What is possible?

Explore the possibilities of React.js

web apps

Web apps

Create a fast and scalable web application
mobile apps

Mobile apps

Adapt your solution to mobile devices with React Native
integrations what is possible


The library also offers numerous easy integrations
react scalability

What makes React.js scalable?

React.js was developed by Facebook back in 2013 and since then it has created a devoted community of software developers and companies.

A big chunk of this popularity is how scalable web apps built with React.js are. This scalability is due to the component-based architecture. These reusable components represent each part of the UI, and once the component is created, it can be used for a similar purpose within the web application. Software developers can also use open-source libraries of prebuilt components.

This approach significantly reduces the time needed to develop an app, but also makes it more scalable, as developers only need to create new components or use the existing ones to add new features.

What is React.js used for?

what is react used for

Web applications created with React.js are also very efficient. This makes it a good choice for web services that rely on providing high-performing products to their users. React.js has been primarily used by Facebook and Instagram, quickly becoming popular among other web applications.

Today, the library is present in the code of products like Netflix, WhatsApp, Codeacademy, Dropbox, and Airbnb.

what is react used for
how to choose IT partner

Choose a team that fits your project

Choosing React.js development services for your next project, you need a team of React developers ready to take your app to the next level.

Depending on your project size and your own in-house capabilities, you can decide to fully outsource your project to a software house or choose an extended team model. The latter is an alternative to outsourcing, based on hiring only the specialists you lack to join your own team.

Regardless of the model of cooperation you choose, we will keep you in a loop, ensuring ongoing communication and progress reports, allowing you to remain in full control of your app’s development.

React.js development process

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