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Connected devices are now far more than consumer products for smart homes. Although growing user adoption is certainly a good sign for the Internet of Things, what’s equally exciting is how it impacts companies across industries.
With digital transformation and digitising businesses comes a possibility to make better use of the data we collect. The IoT, a central segment of Industry 4.0, is a tool to capture information from a vast network of touchpoints, aggregate them in a shared system, and use them to improve your business.
Learn more about IoT development, possible applications, and services available for your company.

Possible IoT applications

Explore innovative deployment of IoT across industries.

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Smart homes
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Smart office

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The gadgets must make our daily functioning easier

IoT has already dominated our lives, our homes, and workplaces. Therefore, the gadgets must make our daily functioning easier. At Softwarehut, we are aware of this, so when designing IoT systems, we put their functionality and usability first.

Marcin Borowicz
Head of Embedded Systems

iot devices trend

In 2020, the number of connected IoT devices installed worldwide will reach 30 billion.

Benefits of IoT development

Make your IoT solution safer, connected, and smart.

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why invest in iot software development

Why invest in IoT software development?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is an idea brimming with futurism: connecting devices to a computer network to make them “intelligent” and interlinked. These connections allow us to collect and exchange data, control devices or set a device’s rules of action remotely. In this way, IoT makes life easier for humans in their daily activities.
Understandably, this may be the first picture people see when considering IoT development. However, there’s more to that. From manufacturing and logistics to fintech and healthcare, brands will make more use of IoT than ever before.
In the next decade, the number of deployed IoT devices worldwide will double. Companies that invest in IoT software development can expect the most substantial returns as there are still many untapped possibilities.

What is IoT development?

IoT product delivery
The Internet of Things gives you and your company the possibility to integrate devices used in different processes into a common computer network.
Be it a smart home or smart office solution, healthcare device or tracking system for supply chain management, IoT can improve workflows, get data about devices’ performance, and more.
To take advantage of such systems, you will need to invest in IoT development. It is a process of matching software development with hardware development.
IoT product delivery consists of three consecutive stages:
  • The integration of the device and software with the entire work environment is crucial to start validating assumptions with real prototype functions.
  • Testing device functions, software, and connections with the required environment allows us to determine whether all business assumptions have been met.
  • Adapting the prototype to industrial production. Based on the cost requirements for the production process and device dimensions, we design a device ready for production.
IoT product delivery

IoT development technologies and services

By investing in development, you can choose between custom software development and implementing cloudbased, IoT platform. The platform comprises the architecture connecting your devices within a shared system. 

Technologies for IoT development include:


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Firmware and embedded software
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Encryption and processing algorithms