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Back in the days of Objective C/Swift and Java/Kotlin as primary languages for mobile development, building apps was expensive. For you had to build two separate apps, creating an app took twice as work.

With cross-platform toolkits like Flutter, you can now develop an app for iOS and Android with a single codebase. This benefits web applications as well.

The effect – viable mobile application development for you and your business. See how investing in Flutter mobile development can benefit your idea. Learn when to use it and how does it compare to React Native.

Flutter benefits

Experience native performance on any device

rapid development
Rapid development
native performance
Native performance
flexible ui
Flexible UI
less coding

Less coding

time to market flutter


simple logic

Simple logic

digital transformation
*Flutter User Survey

92% of Flutter users are very satisfied or quite satisfied with the technology.

Why choose Flutter?

Tap into the benefits of Flutter for businesses of any size and industry.

cross platform flutter


Target every device with one technology.
growing adoption

Growing adoption

Join growing community of companies adopting Flutter to develop their ideas.
viable choice

Growing adoption

Reduce the development time, making it less expensive to create an app.
what is flutter

What is Flutter?

Flutter is Google’s open-source SDK for creating cross-platform applications. It uses Dart as a programming language, ensuring a single codebase for your project. Introduced by Google in 2017, Flutter has been growing since, attracting a developers’ community and companies interested in rapid development of their apps.

This free toolkit enables software developers to simultaneously build mobile apps for iOS and Android. From a business perspective, Flutter offers the possibility to significantly reduce the development time and cost. This impacts both company’s bottom line and time-to-market for their product.

Companies using Flutter include Alibaba, Tencent, Google, eBay and Square.

Not only is the application efficient, but also its development takes a short time

Choosing Flutter for mobile development was considered quite a bold move some time ago.
However, right after finishing my first commercial project in Flutter, it was clear that it was the right choice.  Not only is the application efficient, but also its development takes a short time.

Michał Daniłowski
Flutter Developer

Is Flutter the Future of Mobile Development?

flutter mobile app development

Flutter is definitely not the first framework making it easier and less expensive to create cross-platform application. It has, however, some advantage that might change how many developers approach mobile app development.

For Android applications, Flutter can reduce the build time, offering intuitive tools, improving state management, and allowing to follow well known architectures like MVI. If you want your app to run on iOS, developers also don’t have to re-learn how they approach mobile development. Flutter offers equivalents for iOS elements, making it easy to adopt for experienced iOS developers.

In all, Flutter is a way to create apps faster, without extensive trainings, without comprising quality and performance.

flutter mobile app development
when choose flutter

When to choose Flutter?

Flutter is a viable choice for cross-platform development for mobile apps. It is easy to setup and uses a single codebase for all devices. Although it Flutter requires getting acquainted with Dart, its syntax is simple and most developers familiar with JavaScript will find it quite easy to adopt.

If you use material design for your project – it’s even better! Remember that it’s a design language also introduced by Google, so these two are definitely a match. This way, you will ensure native performance and responsiveness your app’s content needs.

Compared to React Native, Facebook’s cross-platform framework, Flutter is good for UIs based widget sets, offers good documentation and toolkit, is stable and has a growing community of developers and businesses.

Process of developing Flutter application

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