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Reinforce your in-house team with professionals you lack

extended team model

Alternatives to Outsourcing:

Extended Team Model

IT Outsourcing is a viable business model aiming to reduce the cost of software development. By hiring a tech partner, you don’t need to build your own, in-house team. But what if you already have one, but you lack a specific role for this one project?

If you grow a product, develop a new feature, scale your operations, you might need some extra help. For projects where it’s not viable to hire another person to fill a gap, consider extended team model.

Like with IT outsourcing, you need to find a software house with a team of professionals ready to join your project. This time, however, you don’t need to hire their entire team – only the roles you lack at your team. Discover the advantages of this approach.

Get access to IT professionals, fast

Extended Team Benefits

Deliver your project on time, without costly recruitment process.

fill the gap
Fill the gap
lean approach
Lean approach
on-demand scaling
On-demand scaling
remain control

Remain control

start fast

Start fast

optimise cost
Optimise cost
digital transformation

Digital transformation forces companies to employ IT professionals, either in-house, or to implement specific projects.

Speed up delivery

Evaluate your team and get access to the roles you don’t have.

evaluate your team

Evaluate your team

First, decide who on your team can be a part of the project.

top talents

Get access to top talents

Get access to the roles you lack for this specific project.

speed up delivery

Speed up delivery

Start your project fast, without costly recruitment and onboarding.

what is extended team model

What is Extended Team Model?

According to Statista, financial and banking, SaaS solutions, consulting, healthcare and media are – besides the IT industry itself – the top industries hiring software developers. More and more companies, especially in those fields, already employ at least a small team of developers to support their projects.

For one-off projects exceeding their capacity, these companies won’t hire the entire team. Hence, IT outsourcing is not a viable option for them. If you’re one of these companies, chances are that you only need support of a small team or even a single person.

If that’s the case, extended team model (ETM) is a solution for you. ETM is a practice of hiring only the roles you need from an IT company, for the project you need them for. This person would work alongside your team, whether remotely or – on some occasions – at your location.

Maintain control over project delivery

maintain control

Maintaining control over a project is one of the most common doubts for companies seeking IT outsourcing partner. To avoid costly mistakes and poor-quality delivery, you need to source information about many companies before even briefing one about your idea.

With Extended Team Model, you maintain control over your project delivery in-house. A software developer hired externally as an augmentation of your team works within your structures and processes, following your desired project management methodology.

The company from which you hire a specialist has to align with your team, maintaining communication that suits your meetings and deadlines.

maintain control
how to choose extended team

How to Choose Your Extended Team?

Choosing an extended team is similar to finding an outsourcing partner. Evaluate company’s portfolio or case studies, check the reviews from previous clients, look up their company profiles and even software developers’ CVs.

Ideally, after sending them brief of your project, they should get back to you with their process and suggestions, but also questions to deepen their understanding of your idea, so they can come up with a solution that is perfect for you.

In all, here’s a quick checklist of what to look for:

  • Publications – see if they actively share knowledge and expertise
  • Industry recognitions – have they been included by recognised companies or media?
  • Client reference – can you find references from their past, or current clients?
  • English proficiency – is their language skill sufficient to collaborate with your team?

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