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Cross-platform solutions


Today, user journey is rarely completed on just one device. Let’s take e-commerce for example. A user can start their journey on their phone, quickly browsing products and maybe adding some of them to the cart. Then, they get back home, get comfortable on their sofa with a laptop, once again reviewing products in the cart to finally make a purchase.

This is just a simplified example, as those interactions can go back-and-forth, depending on your industry and the consumer buying process. You may also want to reach your audience on different devices, instead of writing two native apps for iOS and Android.

For situations like this, cross-platform application development is a viable choice.

There's no universal recipe

There’s no universal recipe for cross – platform solutions.

A huge set of good practices works well when writing software regardless of its type. Our task is to maximize competence in many areas and understand the nuances to be able to precisely choose the best solutions to a specific problem. It’s important to understand the habits of users of various platforms and build applications so that they’re easy to use. 

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Advantages of cross-platform development

Take your idea to market faster, without comprising the quality of your code

fast development
Fast development
native performance
Native performance
global reach
Customer satisfaction
lower cost

Lower cost

shared codebase

Shared codebase

time to market
Time to market
apps usage globally


87% of smartphone users spend their time on apps, with over 2.7 billion smartphone users globally.

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web apps

Web apps

Reach global audience with a web-based solution

hybrid apps

Hybrid apps

Create apps for Android and iOS with a shared codebase

app tech stack

Proven tech-stack

We use only the best tools and tech for your project

web applications tech

Web Applications

Web application development allows you to reach global audience on any device. Using web browsers to run your solution, you can adapt your app to desktop and mobile browsers at once.

Many businesses are already familiar with Responsive Web Design (RWD), but matching content to the screen size is not enough. To take care of performance, Progressive Web Apps (PWA) allow us to deliver user experience that is similar to the native one.

For web application development, we use acknowledged frameworks including Node.js, React.js. .NET, AngularJS and Vue.js. They are currently some of the most popular frameworks, backed by companies like Google, Microsoft or Facebook.

Hybrid mobile applications

app cross platform development

If you want to target various devices with a single application, it’s possible with cross-platform development. 

For this, you can choose hybrid app development, resulting in apps that feel like native ones, offer similar features, but use a shared codebase, reducing time and effort required to create them. However, one of the cons may be lower performance.

For cross-platform mobile development, we use React Native, Xamarin, and Flutter. These toolkits are the industry standard today, with strong support and ability to create UI components improving development speed and efficiency.

app cross platform development
how to choose IT partner

Choose a team that fits your project

When seeking a team for your cross-platform development projects, make sure to verify their knowledge and abilities. This team should not only show expertise in technology but also provide the necessary support and guidance in the processes of choosing technologies and scaling according to your business needs.

Some organisations will require support for their existing team. Building your team, you will have the option to scale precisely to your requirements. In some cases, you may even need a complete unit, ready to get going with your project. With extended teams, save time and resources and ensure a high-quality end-product.

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Process of cross-platform development

We follow a proven process to deliver your project.


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