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Employee motivation has become a widely discussed topic. More and more companies take genuine care of their employees, trying to provide them with highly motivating and effective solutions increasing their productivity and job satisfaction.

That’s why HR platforms try to outdo their competitions by developing employee and candidate-friendly solutions.

Grow Uperion is a start-up offering solutions using the mechanisms of the psychology of motivation to achieve even the most difficult KPIs without increasing expenditure on financial and non-financial benefits. It combines many different methodologies, tools, and research in the fields of business psychology, anthropology, and social engineering mechanisms.

For Grow Uperion, we developed a brand new HR platform, introducing additional features and components.


We had to develop an HR platform from scratch. It was previously made by a different company, but it had to be completely redesigned because of bugs and other issues. It needed to be redeveloped with additional features, models, and new components.

Our task was to provide our client with the most suitable solutions and technical expertise and support.



What have we delivered?

To develop a platform for Grow Uperion, we used .NET on and Microsoft Azure platform. We dealt with the full process of development, being in constant contact with Grow Uperion’s CEO.

We focused on KPI development for them. We redeveloped modules and features, as well as added some new attributes. Moreover, we created a user-facing module, dictating how to add and delete users.

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Resulting software has been already implemented in several multinational companies in their branches in Poland and abroad. Grow Uperion has also been successfully implemented at schools, helping children during e-learning classes forced by the coronavirus pandemic.

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Maciej Szymczuk
Maciej Szymczuk
Regional Director

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