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Explore the future of your business, today. With modern solutions like Augmented (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), you can change how people interact with your brand. Shopping, real estate, creating digital products are at the forefront of applying modern technologies, blending digital experiences with physical world.

VR changes the way people work, too. Cooperate remotely with a shared, digital view, follow instructions on Virtual Reality devices, access information with interactive interfaces, and easily find your way through the workplace with a digital guide. Laboratories, logistics, and construction industry already take advantage of having the required data, right in front of employee’s eyes.

Virtual reality is transforming the way businesses operate. Make sure to take advantage of this tech.

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Empower your business with AR/VR development

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Brand visibility
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Digital experience
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Customer engagement
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Improved processes



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Reduced errors

global ar vr market size

Global AR/VR market size is estimated to reach 18.8bn USD in 2020, with the US and China leading in spending on this technology

Mixed Reality Experts for Digital Transformation

SoftwareHut has been named a finalist of Microsoft’s 2021 Partner of the Year Award for Mixed Reality, which recognizes partners helping customers in accelerating their digital transformation with mixed reality tech and Azure services.

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At SoftwareHut, we can support you with AR/VR development services

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Custom Solutions

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Project Quality

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We extend the AR/VR possibilities from the very beginning

AR/VR technologies are developing faster and faster, as the natural evolution of mobile applications. Here at Softwarehut, we are aware of the importance of these solutions in the future. So we explore and extend their possibilities from the very beginning.

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what is possible with ar vr development

What is possible with AR/VR development?

Augmented and virtual realities are nothing new, but for many years the cost of the development and, even more significantly, the cost of headsets required to use them, was too high to ensure global adoption. This situation has changed, as both the development and required devices are now cheaper than before. What’s more, users may also use their smartphones to access some virtual reality features.

Entertainment and gaming industry come to mind first, when we think about modern applications of VR. This tech is also becoming present in retail: smart mirrors or virtual reality shops are new, but growingly popular examples. Users can also use VR apps at home, for example to see how new furniture would look like in their space.

Industries benefit from AR and – more often Mixed Reality – devices as well. In logistics, for example, workers can track packages with virtual reality headsets, guided by a digital interface.

What tech can you apply to AR projects?

ar tech

There are several tools allowing for easier, faster, and cheaper development of AR/VR solutions. Apple and Google have their own toolkits (ARKit for iOS and AR Core for Android) that allow developers to create solutions for mobile devices.

Brands also introduce their own solutions, including headsets like Microsoft HoloLens or Oculus. As they are becoming cheaper every year, the customer adoption of such devices will grow.

To develop virtual interfaces, developers can use solutions like Unity Engine, which happens to be also known as a popular multiplatform game engine.

ar tech
holo4labs interface

Holo4Labs: Mixed Reality Future in Today’s Lab

At SoftwareHut, we developed Holo4Labs, a mixed reality interface connecting the power of Microsoft HoloLens 2 with Thermo Scientific™ SampleManager LIMS™, giving scientists the opportunity to work in a lab of the future – today.

With Holo4Labs, scientists and researchers can automate many mundane tasks like data management, simply scanning samples with Microsoft HoloLens headset to enter required information.

Users can also view their task on a digital interface, follow laboratory procedures, and even work together using video collaboration. The interface significantly improves lab productivity and safety, changing the way labs work.